What Are the Most Common Summer Lawsuits?

As the temperature rises, so does the number of lawsuits filed during summer. The season presents unique legal challenges for individuals and businesses alike. For plaintiffs and defendants at the time, having a trusted and experienced lawyer by your side can help you navigate the complexities of the legal system. Explore some of the most common types of lawsuits filed during the summer months and get insights into how lawyers can help you protect your rights.

What Are the Most Common Summer Lawsuits?

As the summer months approach, being aware of the common types of lawsuits that are filed during this season will help you stay prepared and avoid costly litigation. Taking a closer look at some warm weather outdoor activities that can create legal issues like car accidents, injuries, and property damage claims can protect you from potential legal challenges. Let’s find out.

1. Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites are a common occurrence during the summer months, and they often result in serious injuries that require medical attention. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention findings, about one in five dog bites require medical attention. Many of these incidents occur during the summer when people are likely to be outside with their pets.

If a dog has bitten you or a family member, consider seeking the advice of experienced injury lawyers who can help navigate the legal system to obtain compensation for your injuries. In some cases, the dog’s owner may be liable for the damages caused by the bite, and your trusted attorneys will help you understand your legal rights and options.

If you have insurance, your lawyers will assist you in negotiating with the insurance companies and filing a lawsuit if necessary. If a stranger’s or neighbor’s dog bites you, don’t hesitate on whether to report it to the authorities. Instead, seek legal advice from

lawyers to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve.

2. DUI Accident Claims

Summer is a time for vacations, barbecues, and other outdoor activities that often involve the consumption of alcohol. Unfortunately, drunk driving is more prevalent this season due to longer, warmer days leading to increased alcohol consumption during outdoor activities.

As a result, there is a significant increase in DUI accidents, which can result in serious injuries or fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), the average daily fatalities from such accidents doubles during the summer. This increase in drunk driving fatalities highlights the danger of driving during the summer months.

If you are involved in an accident caused by a drunk driver, immediately seek medical attention to ensure that any injuries are properly diagnosed and treated. Then file for an insurance claim and obtain a copy of the police report. Then consult and seek the advice of an experienced DUI lawyer so that you can understand your legal rights and options.

A professional legal attorney will uphold your rights while holding the offending party liable for all damages. They will assist you in obtaining fair compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and other damages. Remember, driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense, and if you have been injured in a DUI accident, you have several legal options.

3. Deer Accident Claims and Appeals

Most deer accidents occur during the summer mating season. If you are not vigilant during this time, particularly driving at dawn or dusk when deer are most active, you will likely collide with one or more since they travel in groups. These accidents may result in serious injuries and property damage, which require collision repair services.

If you are involved in a deer accident with your car or any other vehicle, park your car and switch on the headlights before calling the police. Then contact your car insurance company immediately to file a claim. Depending on your state, your insurance claim may be denied or accepted. The claim will then be added to your claims history.

An experienced car collision repair service can help you repair any damage to your vehicle or any other property that sustained damages. If your insurance claim is denied or undervalued, you can appeal the decision with the help of an experienced attorney. They can help you know your legal rights to receive fair compensation for your damages.

Remember to avoid hitting a deer on or near the road, slow down, and stay alert if you see one while driving. Pay attention when you notice a yellow, diamond-shaped sign with a deer on it. It is a signal that deer frequently cross the road in that area. Turn on your car’s headlights as they reflect light off a deer’s eyes, making them easier to spot while driving.

4. Car Accidents

Summer months bring various legal challenges for car drivers, including more teen drivers, alcohol impairment, excess heat, construction, and road congestion. Drivers should be cautious. Summer is the holiday time when many teenagers are on school break.

Due to the holiday mood, many people drink alcohol often, leading to alcohol-impaired driving and finally the need for auto services for their damaged vehicle. Teen drivers are likely to get into car accidents easily. Excessive summer heat can also cause dehydration and driver fatigue, leading to slower reaction times on the road, which can be fatal.

After a car accident, you should take certain steps to protect your rights. First, seek medical attention for any injuries sustained. Then, report to your car insurance company and obtain a copy of the police report. An experienced car accident attorney will help you with these steps, so contact one for a fair compensation to cover expenses guarantee.

Your insurance will help cover damages, such as rearview backup camera installation services. Car accident victims may face legal issues like allegations of comparative fault, failure to mitigate injuries, pre-existing medical conditions, lowball settlement offers, and bad-faith insurance practices.

You must seek professional help promptly to protect your health, financial security, and legal rights. Victims seek medical treatment and consult with an experienced and trusted car accident attorney to help in the legal systems involved in car accidents.

To find an experienced car accident lawyer, ask for referrals from friends, use online directories available on social media, or consult with your state bar association. Finally, consider their experience, track record, and fees when choosing an attorney. With that, you can be assured that the defendant or plaintiff will be accountable for car damages such as transmission repair.

5. Tree Accident Injuries

Common tree accidents include those from rotten trees, cutting a tree branch without considering what or who it may fall on hazardous trees, and improper local tree removal service. They are common during summer when people are more active with outdoor activities, leading to injuries and property damage claims.

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of their trees. They should ensure they have healthy trees and remove dead or dangerous branches. If they fail to do so, they should be held liable for any injuries or property damage that may result from such a tree. Liability may also fall on you if you hit someone’s tree with your car.

The victim can suffer serious injuries, including broken bones, head injuries, and even fatalities. If you are involved in a tree accident, seek advice from an experienced personal injury

lawyer. They will assist you in a lawsuit to obtain compensation for your injuries.

An attorney can also help you negotiate with your insurance companies to receive fair compensation for your car. The officials will investigate the cause to determine who is liable, whether the property owner or tree removal services, and then act accordingly.

6. Slip And Falls

Summer is a time of outdoor activities but it also raises the risk of slip and fall accidents. Some common slip and fall hazards during the season include wet surfaces, pavement cracks, and uncleaned spills. This can result in children(or adults) falling and injuring themselves while playing.

Wearing flip-flops or sandals while walking, especially on slippery surfaces like near a tiled swimming pool, can increase the risk of falling. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident caused by cracked or wet surfaces you didn’t know about, it is important to seek legal help from a licensed slip and fall lawyer.

However, to file a successful legal claim on such an accident, you must prove that the owner was negligent in maintaining their property. A premises liability legal concept applies to personal injury cases.

Property owners should renovate and maintain their property to keep it safe for visitors. The statute of limitations for a slip-and-fall accident in states like Florida is four years. You should, therefore, quickly gather evidence and file a claim.

For precaution, be aware of your surroundings, wear appropriate footwear for specific environments, and walk carefully on wet surfaces. Paying attention to warning signs can help prevent such summer accidents.

7. Motorcycle and ATV Accidents

Driving motorcycles and ATVs reaches its prime in summer. However, these activities can lead to accidents that result in injuries and damages. As a result, motorcycle and ATV accidents are common lawsuits filed during the summer months.

In such an accident, you should seek legal help from a trusted lawyer who can help you protect your rights. By investigating the cause of the accident, your attorneys can determine who is liable and negotiate with insurance companies to get fair loss compensation. With a knowledgeable advocate, you can focus on your recovery while they handle your case.

To avoid such accidents, drive responsibly and watch out for other drivers on your path. Remember, safety begins with you. However, even if you take all necessary precautions, accidents may still happen due to others’ recklessness. That’s why you must have a trusted injury attorney for such moments.

8. Boating Accidents

Summer boat accidents have severe consequences, including injuries, fatalities, and property damage. Understanding the main causes of boat accidents and how you can avoid them will help you enjoy your summer in a fun way.

Boat accidents occur for various reasons, such as operator error, too much alcohol consumption by the captain, speeding, and equipment failure. To avoid these accidents, you should follow safety guidelines such as wearing life jackets, operating the boat responsibly, and doing proper boat maintenance to ensure correct equipment functions always.

However, even after taking the necessary safety rules, summer boat accidents can still be caused by others. If it happens, seek medical assistance immediately, file a complaint with legal authorities, and take the report to an experienced lawyer. A lawyer will help you investigate the cause of the accident and determine who is liable.

According to statistics, vessel accidents can occur during various activities, including towing, changing direction or speed, cruising, docking, drifting, idling, launching, rowing, or sailing. To protect your legal rights after a boat accident, gather evidence, including photos, videos, and witness statements. It is also important to know that delaying medical treatment worsens your condition and jeopardizes your legal case.

9. Construction Sites Injuries

A rise in construction projects normally occurs during the summer months, leading to many injuries at the construction sites. These accidents result in severe injuries, some even fatal, leading to lawsuits to claim compensation for the damages incurred.

Such injuries can occur due to various reasons. They include falling and knocking yourself on an object or tool, equipment malfunctions, and electrocutions. Workers risk injury due to the nature of the job, which may involve working with heavy machinery, climbing ladders, and scaffolding in hazardous environments.

However, bystanders or drivers passing by construction sites can also be injured. Employers and contractors are responsible for ensuring construction sites are safe for workers and the public. It includes providing adequate safety equipment, training workers on safety protocols, and inspecting the construction equipment for malfunctions.

Failure to provide safety in the environment should result in legal action, as the staff has the right to a safe workplace. When a construction site injury occurs, the victim should immediately seek an experienced lawyer’s services to help understand legal options and determine who is liable.

While summer is undoubtedly a great time to relax, have fun and enjoy leisure activities, it’s important to be mindful of the potential risks and hazards that come with the season. By understanding these common summer lawsuits, you can enjoy your summertime more cautiously. But in case accidents occur, you will know what to do, including contacting your lawyer.

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