How Much You Should Expect After a Car Accident Settlement

A common question for lawyers is what the average amount of a car accident settlement would be, but this is a difficult question to quantify as a settlement depends on damages and other factors. The video explains more about car accident settlements.

Damages related to a car accident are your medical expenses, pain and suffering incurred, property damage, and wage loss damage. There are also future damages to consider.

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There are cases where a client will recover after a few sessions of physical therapy, and those cases are settled from $10,000 – $30,000. Someone with severe injuries or broken bones, or who needs surgery, will have a higher settlement. This also depends on the insurance cover the person has.

The damages decide on the amount of settlement you can get. Tangible damages such as medical bills, wage loss expenses, and property damage can be calculated. However, intangible damage such as pain, suffering, scars, disability, and possible future surgery cannot be quantified, but need to be considered. Settlement can go up to $1,000,000 if a client has significant injuries or if it was a fatal crash.

While an exact figure cannot be given immediately upfront, most lawyers have websites that have a settlement calculator, where information is processed, and an estimate is generated. Hire a good lawyer who’ll secure a maximum settlement for you.


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