Three Examples of the Most Common Claims For Personal Injury Attorneys in New York

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Every year, thousands of Americans are wrongly injured or killed. New York Personal Injury lawyers are often faced with personal injury cases. Unfortunately, many Americans don’t know what constitutes a claim for personal injury and fail to pursue financial compensation. These are three common personal injury cases that you can look at to determine if your case qualifies for a personal injury lawsuit in New York.

Workplace injury

Many hardworking Americans are hurt or killed at work due to poor equipment, dangerous work environments or managerial mistakes. Most workplace injuries require some time off. Some of these can even permanently disable an employee and threaten their livelihood. These cases require someone to assume responsibility and provide support for an employee who has dedicated their lives and well-being to the job. Contact a personal injury lawyer if you or someone you know has been seriously injured on the job and needs answers to questions like “how long can a workers comp case stay open” and “when should I try and go back to work”? Make sure you get advice from a legal professional before pursuing a personal injury lawsuit in New York.

Doctor Disaster

Without the thousands of health professionals who work as nurses, doctors, and surgeons, America would not be the place it is today. These individuals are our healthcare providers and we can trust them with our health and well-being. It is devastating when an injury or death occurs in the course of treatment. In the United States, there has been an increase in medical malpractice cases in recent decades. Lawyers can be difficult to pin medical malpractice because they need evidence that the medical professional caused the patient harm by using treatment methods that were not consistent with the local standard. Contact an attorney if you have been hurt by the negligence of someone you know.

There is danger on the road

As vehicles become more sophisticated, motorists seem to lose sight of the dangers involved in vehicle crashes. It was reported that 21,132 vehicle occupants died in traffic accidents in 2013, while more than 2 million were injured in crashes. Although any vehicle accident can happen, statistics show that motorcyclists are more at risk than passengers’ car occupants. They are also more likely to be hurt and to die in a collision. Unfortunately, alcohol plays a significant role in fatal or catastrophic crashes. Every two minutes, someone is hurt in an accident involving alcohol. To determine if a personal injury lawsuit in New York is possible if someone you know or you were hurt in a vehicle accident, please contact a lawyer for car accidents.

Locating a professional personal injury lawyer in New York

These are all personal injury cases tried by personal injury attorneys in New York. Personal injury settlements typically pay more than $130,000. Many people see them as a way to reduce debt, get compensation for injuries, and make sure justice is done. Personal injury lawsuits often involve people who want to avoid negative media attention. As a result, 96% of personal injury cases in New York settle pre-trial with a structured settlement that is substantial and agreed to by the claimant. If you feel you have a case, contact a personal injury lawyer to ensure you get the representation that every American deserves when filing a personal injury lawsuit in New York.

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